1989 Vintage wine

With almost perfect weather, the 1989 wines are built to be kept.

In Bordeaux climatic conditions are excellent with warm weather, sufficient rainfall and spaced to inflate grains. The harvest is early and yields excellent. The wines are majestic, especially in Graves and Pomerol, rich, firm and fine. A good balance between alcohol, tannin and acidity makes the wines perfect to be kept.

Despite freezing late April and hail on the Hautes-Côtes, Burgundy grapes are ripe and with a very good degree of natural alcohol (13 ° and more) and excellent yields. The wines are fleshy, well balanced with soft tannins. In Champagne the cold spell in April is doing damage but the hot and sunny summer offers an abundant and excellent harvest. The wines are successful and suitable for aging. In the Rhone Valley the wines are as supple rich and long-lasting. Côte-Rôtie is particularly successful with melted tannins.

The great successes of the 1989 vintage: Margaux 1989, Palmer 1989, Lynch-Bages 1989, Haut Brion 1989, La Mission Haut Brion 1989, Clinet 1989, La Conseillante 1989, Lafleur 1989, Montrose 1989, Suduiraut 1989, Yquem 1989, Billecart-Salmon 1989, Deutz 1989, Krug 1989.

1989 vintage wine. Discover our selection of wines from the 1989 vintage.

Offer a 1989 vintage wine or savor a wine from 1989 is a great way to remember a personal or historical event. An anniversary, a wedding gift, a corporate gift or any other event, a 1989 vintage wine or a 1989 Grand Cru is a great gift idea for a woman or a man.

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