Château La Conseillante

The Château LaConseillante is a french estate located in Pomerol. The vineyard in AOC Pomerol on the board with a clay and gravel with iron in the dirt basement, wine comes from vines which certainly enhances Merlot (70%) but the Cabernet Franc, with 25%, gives the wines a freshness, complexity and richness special. The purple cap with his Conseillante recalls for its characteristic aroma of the raw. These elements selected in 1871 by brothers Nicolas remain an elegant modernity at the dawn of the XXI Century.

We suggest the Château La Conseillante 1982Château La Conseillante 1998, Château La Conseillante 2005 and 2009.

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The name Conseillante appears from the middle of the eighteenth century. It was bequeathed by a influential person who ran the property 300 years ago soon: Catherine Conseillan.