Château Talbot

The Château Talbot is a french estate located in Saint-Julien-Beychevelle near to Bordeaux. In Saint Julien appellation, Talbot produces a fourth cru classé of Bordeaux classification etablished in 1855. Talbot is one of the most famous wines of the Medoc. This good reputation is probably due to a mysterious combination of several factors: the size of its vineyards, nearly one hundred acres, the regularity of its wines, for nearly a century in the same family, the name of Talbot short and punchy , easy to pronounce in all languages and is part of our history ... The Château Talbot produce also a second wine  « connétable de Talbot » and a white wine « Caillou Blanc de Talbot » in Bordeaux appellation.

The cru classé is a racy wine, with complex notes of liquorice and tan, delightfully classic without any restraint. That's the reason why, we suggest the Château Talbot 1986, 1996 and Talbot 2005.

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At Chateau Talbot, wine combines past and future. Respect for traditions and technological developments will live in perfect harmony. From the union of technical, regional and men who operate with passion, sprang wines of character, harmonious and complex. st reached in twenty years to be among the most popular wines of the Bordeaux region. The popularity of first Talbot is the wonderful nature of its wine. "Talbot is for many the ideal of St. Julien, generous bouquet, very stable and safe in Aging and stress Bettane Desseauve in their Grand Guide des Vins de France. True, Talbot is a champion of life, but that did not stop even in its first youth to be nice and round, always marked by silky tannins and sweet, very civilized. Talbot, an outgoing nature, he never turned in on itself, and has the courtesy to be every day in good mood.