Château Giscours

The Château Giscours is a french estate located in Labarde in Gironde. The Château produce its wine in Margaux appellation. It is a third classified growth of Médoc classification in 1855. The vineyard has 86 hectares in the property of 300 hectares. The Chateau Giscours is one of the most important areas of Medoc. Furthemore, in 1900 the symbol of the Mermaid appears on the label of the great wine. Today, this mermaid has become the emblem of Giscours and is present on the labels of the great wine, Château Giscours. Note the existence of a second wine called "La Sirène de Giscours".

Thewines of Château Giscours are rich and intense. We suggest the Château Giscours 1945, and 1961 vintage. Then, the Château Giscours 1982 and Château Giscours 1989 are exceptional. We suggest the 1990 vintage wines and 1995 vintage wines. Finally, the Château Giscours 2004 is remarkable.

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The history of Château Giscours begins in the 16th century with its founder Pierre de Lhomme. This wealthy draper took over the domain from 1552 to 1571 and applied himself to increasing the area of ​​the vineyard. It was he who initiated the colonization of wild lands by vines. A few decades later, from 1825 to 1847, it was Marc Promis, a trader by trade, who had the ambition to restore the vineyard. In continuity, still in 1847, Jean-Pierre Pescatore and his heirs made Château Giscours a prestigious estate and began to build its reputation by multiplying investments in order to make people believe in the quality of the Château's wines. These efforts paid off. In 1855, Château Giscours became the third grand cru classé in the official classification of Médoc wines. Nicolas Tari was also a major player in the Château. After the Second World War, the manager described as a providential man "revealed" Château Giscours and took to heart the reorganization of the estate and the 300 hectares of the property. Many years later, other personalities took over the management of the Château. However, today, it is the Albada Jelgersma children, Dennis, Derk and Valérie who are taking over the reins of the property after the death of their father Eric Albada Jelgersma, alongside Alexander van Beek as general manager.

The vineyard consists of a serious ground on a base gravel and sandy. The creation of a pond near the château, helped land drainage. The terroir is exceptional, meets all the quality factors of a vintage: exposure, drainage, soil hot spring, root permeability, fertility, water regulation summer. The wines of Chateau Giscours show is focused, generous, rich in tannins. Particularly attractive in their youth, they have a potential repository of several years in great vintages.