Wines of appellation Cornas

Appellation Cornas

The Cornas appellation is one of the most famous appellation in Rhône valley

The Cornas appellation is located in the south of the Rhône region, located in a single municipality: Cornas. Located in the northern of Rhône, the Cornas appellation has the ideal climate for viticulture. A temperate and sunny climate, the main characteristic of which is the frequent wind which blows along the Rhône corridor. There are about fifty producers who share the 116 hectares of vines. Under this name, the estates produce a single grape variety: Syrah. The vineyards of the Chaillot district have character. The red wines are full-bodied, powerful, while the wines from the Coteaux feet are a little less typical. Cornas enjoys a long standing and worldwide reputation. The appellation is one of the five best in the Rhône region.

The best producers of Cornas appellation wines are: Auguste Clape, Alain Voge, Thierry Allemand, Yves Cuilleron ...

The best vintages of the Cornas appellation are 1945 and 1947, as well as the wines of 1985 and 1990 which are among the exceptional vintages. Finally, the wines of 1929, 1978, grands crus of 1989 and wine of the 2000 vintage are considered to be the best of all.

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The Domaines of the Appellation are : 

Auguste Clape, Domaine Laurent Tardieu, Thierry Allemand Reynard, Vincent Paris, Domaine Courbis,...

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