Wines of appellation Saint Estèphe
Wines of appellation Saint Estèphe

Appellation Saint Estèphe

Corresponding to the commune of Saint Estèphe north of Bordeaux, except for some parcels included on the Pauillac appellation, the appellation area is the northernmost of the 6 communal appellations of Haut Médoc. It is separated from that of Pauillac by a simple stream. It has a great diversity of soils including a terroir formed of slightly more clayey gravel than in the other southern appellations. The brand of the terroir is found in the strong and powerful character of the wines which have a higher acidity, a more intense color and a strong tannic structure. Excellent wines of guard, the Saint-Estèphe round out with the time, and the austerity of their youth is effaced to make room for roundness and delicacy. The appellation counts five crus classés (2 second growths, 1 third growth, 1 fourth growth, 1 fifth growth) and a large proportion of bourgeois growth, some of which by their quality and notoriety can compete with the classified growths (read our article ‘Grands Crus Classés from Médoc‘)

Area: 1250 ha / Soils: calcareous clay, sandy-gravel and marine limestones resting on oyster marls / Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot / Potential for aging: 10 to 20 years (much more for some crus and vintages)

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