Petrus is one of the most greatest wine. It is a legandary wine in Bordeaux and around the world. This estate is located in the Gironde in France. In AOC Pomerol, the vineyard is based on the highest hill of the designation, culminating at an altitude of 40 meters. The main grape variety is the Merlot (95%). The soil consists mainly of clay which  is well suited to Merlot which constitutes 95% of the plantings. The 12 hectares are the subject of constant work and a constant obsession with détail.

The great vintages of Petrus are 1928, 1945, and Petrus 1982. Also, the 1985 and 1986 vintage are good. We suggest Petrus 1982Petrus 1989. Finally we suggest the Petrus 2000 and the exceptionnal Petrus 2010.

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The Petrus story


The Petrus story is one of originality, mystery and strong personalities. Although it is known the world over, it does not feature in any classification (due to the fact that it belongs to the Pomerol appellation).

Existing since 1770 under the banner of the Arnaud family, the estate was then called Petrus-Arnaud. The name "Petrus" comes from the Latin "Pierre", in reference to the apostle Saint-Pierre, whose statue can be found on the estate. The estate grew up in the shadow of its famous neighbor, Château Vieux Certan, and by the end of the 19th century had become one of the Second Growths. At the beginning of the 20th century, the estate was bought by Mr. Sabin-Douarre, who created the société civile du château Petrus.

The story changed in 1925, when Marie-Louise Loubat, owner of a hotel in Libourne, began gradually buying up shares in the Petrus company until she became sole owner in 1945. She joined forces with Jean-Pierre Moueix, and together they worked with great efficiency to develop the reputation of Petrus and raise its price to the level of the Médoc‘s premier grands crus. When Madame Loubet died in 1961, the estate was divided between her two nephews and Jean-Pierre Moueix. The latter quickly bought out the heirs‘ shares, expanding the vineyard in 1964 by acquiring 5 hectares of Château Gazin. Jean-Pierre Moueix‘s sons and grandsons then succeeded him at the head of Petrus. Olivier Berrouet, son of the famous oenologist Jean-Claude Berrouet, is currently in charge. The winery was completely renovated in 2014. In 2018, American-Colombian businessman Alejandro Santo Domingo acquired a 20% stake in Petrus for the princely sum of 200 million euros, raising the estate‘s value to one billion euros.


Petrus and its prestigious ambassadors


Two events contributed to Petrus‘ worldwide reputation, both well coordinated by Marie-Louise Loubat.

First, in 1947, to celebrate the engagement of Princess Elizabeth to Philippe Mountbatten, Mrs. Loubat sent the future queen a case of Petrus. The princess fell under the spell of this wine, and 6 months later it became the wine presented at the wedding dinner of the woman who would later become Queen of England. The guests were delighted and promoted what was then a little-known wine; the whole world now knew the name Petrus.

Then it was the Kennedys who discovered Petrus wine and proclaimed it their favorite.


What are the characteristics of Petrus wines?


The estate is located in the commune of Pomerol, stretching from Libourne to Saint Emilion on a hill called La Boutonnière, and covers 11.3 hectares. The soil is characterized by a particular composition combining gravel and blue clay (known as crasse de fer). Compared with the surrounding vineyards, the soil has a much higher concentration of iron, which enables it to store a greater quantity of water, guaranteeing the vines a regular supply of water, even in the event of drought.

The grape varieties, previously composed of Merlot (95%) and Cabernet Franc (5%), have been 100% Merlot since 2010. The grapes are harvested by hand, with meticulous selection. Vinification takes place in temperature-controlled concrete vats, and the wine is aged for 18 to 22 months in new barrels.

This wine has a unique character, combining power and density with refined elegance and pure expression. It offers complex aromas with floral nuances characteristic of great Pomerol wines, a deep texture accompanied by velvety tannins and incredible length on the palate. Its ability to age for several decades makes it an exceptional wine in great demand the world over.


The best vintages of Petrus


A total of 11 vintages have been rated 100% by Parker: Petrus 1921, 1929, 1947, 198919902000, 2009, 2010, 2015, 2016, 2018.

The Petrus 1945, 1950, 197019751982 vintages are also magnificent.

Food and wine pairing


Petrus is a wonderful match for characterful dishes, such as red meats (beef, game), dark-fleshed poultry (duck, guinea fowl) or dishes in sauce. Aged pressed cheeses (Comté, Gruyère, Emmental) and chocolate desserts also work wonderfully with the complexity of Petrus wines.


How much does a bottle of Petrus cost?


The price of a bottle of Petrus wine obviously depends on the vintage, and while prices start at around €2,000, they quickly soar, with the best years fetching sums in excess of €6,000. In auction houses, bids can reach new heights: in 2018, a bottle sold for €48,000. However, these prices will never match the price of the most expensive bottle in the world: the Petrus 2000 "cuvée de l‘espace", which spent 14 months in the ISS and is estimated at €830,000.

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