Appellation Margaux

The largest of the six communal AOCs is also the southernmost and the closest to Bordeaux. Its geographical area covers five municipalities that have selected the lands with the best wine-making skills. The terroir is made up of some of the most beautiful gravel hills in Bordeaux. This vineyard has the highest number of classified growths (no less than 21: 1 first growth, 5 second growth, 10 third growth, 3 fourth growth, 2 fifth growth), which ranks Margaux at the top of all the municipal appellations of the Médoc (read our article "Grands Crus Classés from Bordeaux, Official Classification of 1855"). It is also the only one to bear the name of a first Grand Cru Classé, the legendary Château Margaux whose quality is explained by its exceptional terroir and which provides one of the most elegant wines in the region.

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While remaining a minority compared to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot is taking on increased importance in Margaux blends. Thus, the wines are distinguished from other Médoc appellations by their finesse and delicacy. They are often defined as the most feminine Médoc wines. Both tannic and smooth, they show excellent aging potential.

Area: 1410 ha / Soils: Gravel made up of gravel and pebbles / Grape varieties: cabernet-sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, petit verdot, malbec, carmenère / Aging potential: 10 to 20 years (much longer for certain crus and vintages).