Château la Fleur Petrus

The Château La Fleur Pétrus is a french estate in Bordeaux. Neighbor of Petrus, Château La Fleur Petrus is a remarkable Pomerol wine, fine and round, one of the largest Pomerol, absolutely indispensable and yet accessible, so to speak. The terroir of Chateau La Fleur Petrus, plays its full role, with a deep bass that soil imparts to wine a natural elegance and finesse. The cabernet franc, used in larger amounts, gives superb results, with wines to wait almost ten years!

For a wine tasting or to offer, we suggest the Château La Fleur Pétrus 1982, 1985, La Fleur Pétrus 1989 and the Château La Fleur Pétrus 1995. Finally, the La Fleur Pétrus 2008 is excellent.