1975 PETRUS 1975

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95-100 / 100


1975 PETRUS 1975

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Avis d'expert
96+ /100
Acker Merrall and Condit, reputable wineseller in New York and Hong Kong
The 1975 Petrus just slaughtered everything so far on this afternoon. We were clearly in a different, and much better, category of wine, with tons of breed. While a touch shy, there were fresh garden aromas and a deep, seductive minerality here. The palate was rich and decadent, and its acidity stellar. Brooding, big and classic, this was a beautiful monster, one whose acidity kept getting noticed more with each sip. James admired its ‘rough velvet.’ Despite this being a big and monstrous Petrus, the wine still had a delicacy that tickled me. It had a tight and taut personality like a good corset, and it rolled off my tongue like words in a good book.
98 / 100
Robert PARKER - The Wine Advocate
Robert PARKER - The Wine Advocate
The 1975 Petrus reveals a youthful, rustic, brutally powerful style, with an opaque garnetrubypurple color, and an emerging nose of over-ripe black-cherries, mochachocolate, and truffles. Extremely full-bodied, ferociously tannic, but awesomely concentrated, the 1975 Petrus can be drunk, provided readers have a penchant for slightly uncivilized wines. This behemoth Petrus (the last made in this style) is at least a decade away from full maturity. It is potentially a 50 year wine, with exquisite concentration and intensity. The notes for this wine are taken from the description of Series I of the 1995 tasting conducted in Munich by Helga and Hardy Rodenstock.
5 / 5
Michael Broadbent
Michael Broadbent
Vintage 1975
Rating 95-100
Region Bordeaux
Appellation Pomerol
Colour Red
Volume 0.75 l
Price More than 300 €
Château Petrus
Country France
Château informations

The Petrus estate derives its name from a village called "Petrus". Its history is recent and yet this wine is already a legend. Throughout the nineteenth century the area belonged to the Arnaud family. In 1925, a woman from the Libourne region, Ms. Loubat, takes shares in the property. Twenty years later she is the sole owner. Understanding that the wines of the Medoc sell for more than wines of Pomerol, in particular her wines, she did everything she could to take advantage of such a promising terroir.  In a few decades the myth was born. In 1961, Mrs Lacoste and Mr. Lignac, niece and nephew of Mrs. Loubat  inherit the estate.The vineyard is based on the highest hill of the designation, culminating at an altitude of 40 meters. The soil consists mainly of clay which  is well suited to Merlot which constitutes 95% of the plantings. The 12 hectares are the subject of constant work and a constant obsession with détail.  It is thought that Pétrus is more accessible to tasting than  some of its illustrious colleagues..

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