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Expert's opinions

84 / 100
Franck Dubourdieu September - 2007
Franck Dubourdieu
87 / 100
Jean-Marc Quarin May - 2014
Jean-Marc Quarin
Copper color. Fruity and simple nose. Fluid and light palate. Should have been drunk.
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86 / 100
Robert PARKER - The Wine Advocate
Surprisingly successful in what was a mediocre vintage for the wines of this region, the 1973 Yquem is overtly oaky and too spicy, but has very good concentration, less sweetness and botrytis than in vintages like 1975 and 1976, and is well balanced, fat, and long on the palate (only 12% of the crop was used for Yquem).
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3 / 5
Michael Broadbent September - 1998
Michael Broadbent
Most recently, high-toned frqgrqnce; swet, opened up in the middle but with a slightly raw unusual finish.
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Region Bordeaux
Appellation Sauternes
Colour Sweet white wine
Volume 0.75 l
Country France
Château d'Yquem
Château d'Yquem

The Château d'Yquem is an area of 133 hectares including 113 hectares of vineyards, 102 acres operated, south of Bordeaux in Sauternes region that produces a sweet white wine ranked Premier Cru Superior, the only wine from the Sauternes category.

It is considered by many as the best Sauternes. The yield is only 6 hectoliters per hectare and in some years, if the quality is not deemed sufficient, the bottles are not sold under this label.

The wines are characterized by their complexity due to a significant amount of residual sugar and flavorings made by Botrytis cinerea. A relatively high acidity helps offset the sweetness. Another characteristic for which Château d'Yquem is known is his longevity. In good years does present a bottle of his outstanding after one or two decades in a cellar and with care it will keep for a century or more, adding to the complexity...

Since 1959 Chateau d'Yquem produces a dry white wine named "Y" (and before 2004 "Y Lur-Saluces") makes an equal proportion of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc. This wine, like great wine is not produced every year. The 2005 vintage was the first vintage of Yquem offered for sale en primeur. 

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