Clos Rougeard

Clos Rougeard

The Clos Rougeard is an extremely respected  and well known estate among the wines of the Loire Valley.

Located in Saumur-Champigny, it is the 2 brothers Bernard and Charly Foucault who take over the estate in 1969. Clos Rougeard belongs since 1894 to this family. The domain produces a white wine (100% chenin blanc) - in Saumur appellation Clos Rougeard Blanc Breze and 3 red wines (100% cabernet franc): in Saumur Champigny appellation : Le Clos, Les Poyeux, Le Bourg.

The wines of Clos Rougeard are famous for their authenticity but also for their rarity.

The Bourg comes exclusively from a plot of one hectare planted vines 70 years old. The parcel of Poyeux was planted for the first time in 1664. Regarding authenticity, we cannot be more purist. No use of chemicals or pesticides, manual harvesting, natural yeasts, neither fining nor filtration, 2 years aging in oak casks ... The yields are therefore very low and the methods used by the Foucault brothers have been the same for generations.

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