1973 DOM PERIGNON 1973

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SoDivin rating

90-94 / 100

Very good

1973 DOM PERIGNON 1973

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Avis d'expert
97 / 100
Jeannie Cho Lee
Jeannie Cho Lee
97 / 100

Falstaff Magazin (01-2004) An absolute highlight from the normal bottle: youthful yellow-green, lively perlage, smoky and very typical, shows freshly grated zest, crisp on the palate, fine sweetness, but also after Limoncino, a wine with a lot of substance, blood oranges, in a great late youth phase, great Freshness in the finish, an experience.

4 / 5
Michael Broadbent
Michael Broadbent

(09-2000) Still pale; 'warm' rich nose; soft, sweet, à point. A very pleasant drink, holding surprisingly well.

Vintage 1973
Rating 90-94
Region Champagne
Appellation Champagne
Colour Champagne
Volume 0.75 l
Price Less than 100 €
Château Dom Perignon
Country France
Château informations
Dom Perignon
Dom Perignon

When Pierre Pérignon took office as attorney to the Benedictine Abbey of Hautvillers in 1668, he moved the mission to create the "world's best wine". Such ambition revealed in this young monk thirty years ago, a visionary and extraordinary audacity. Exact contemporary of King Louis XIV, Dom Perignon revolutionized the history of wine as Louis XIV, revolutionized the art of living. Their meeting would take place through the wine's reputation for excellence in the "wine of the father Perignon" won Versailles and allowed him to be served at the king's table.

Over three centuries later, Dom Perignon House pursues the vision and work of one who is considered the spiritual father of champagne. Each vintage is a creation, each vintage reinvented an exception that is solely Cellar Master to declare, or not. According to Richard Geoffreoy, Cellar Manager Dom Perignon, the grapes are never the same from one year to another. If a crop does not meet the criteria of Dom Perignon, there will be no vintage this year. It is not a value-judgment, but an aesthetic vision. The absolute uniqueness of Dom Perignon was born of this commitment. Dom Perignon is the true point of tension and balance between style, timeless, and distinctive qualities of a year. The mouth feel is unique combination of lightness, flexibility and rich air, the first impression to the last flavor.

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