Baron Philippe de Rothschild

MOUTON-ROTHSCHILD: The whole history of the castle Monton Rothschild is linked to the passion that he devoted the Baron Philippe de Rothschild at the age of 20 years. In 1853, Nathaniel de Rothschild bought the vineyard and renamed Brane Mouton Rothschild Mouton soon. But the family property is of little interest until the arrival of Baron Philippe de Rothschild, 1922. It is indeed thanks to him that the sheep became what it is today. With her strength of character and sense of innovation will be the initiator of full bottling at the chateau, and a forward-thinking designs with labels specific to the property by famous artists (Miro, Chagall Braque, Picasso, Delvaux. ). His last challenge was to raise the rank of Mouton Rothschild Premier Cru classified in 1973 after 20 years of fighting.