1950 Vintage wine

Unlike in previous years, the harvest of the 1950 vintage was abundant

In 1950 in Bordeaux the weather was uneven but the general quality of the 1950 vintage remains fairly good. There are inequalities, however, the Pomerol are doing extremely well, they are sublime. The best 1950 wines in Bordeaux are : Château Latour 1950, Château L'Evangile 1950, the Château Lafleur 1950, Château La Fleur-Pétrus 1950, Château Le Gay 1950, Vieux Château Certan 1950 and Château Soutard 1950. For Sauternes the year is wet but the Indian summer saves the harvest. Climens 1950, Coutet 1950, Suduiraut 1950, Yquem 1950 remain the greatest successes. In Burgundy as in Champagne, production is abundant but the quality is low and the wines lend themselves rather poorly to aging because they are too diluted.

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