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Bordeaux Médoc

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Information on the vintage 1961 Medoc:
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Information on the vintage 1961 red Bordeaux: A great vintage often compared to the 1945....some fabulous wines made.

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Region Bordeaux
Appellation Médoc
Colour Red
Volume 0.75 l
Country France
Château Médoc Coopérative
Médoc Coopérative
Today, in France, a bottle of 2 is produced by a cooperative winery. Hence the root cellar in their local. Developed over decades, they owe their success to the good mix between technology and know-how inherited from the ancient and experience multicentenaire. We must consider a cooperative winery as a natural extension of viticulture. A cellar is simply a common storehouse belonging to several vineyards rather than one. It is for this reason that the wines produced by a winery are bottled at the property.