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Haut Brion Blanc 1955, a well-kept secret…

Here is the example of a very confidential wine: Haut Brion Blanc. Can we then imagine the rarity of a Haut Brion Blanc 1955 ...

With less than 3 hectares, production ranges from 450 to 650 cases. A drop compared to the rest of the production of Château Haut Brion, 1er cru classé from Pessac Léognan.
"The crazy dream of the Larrieu, owners in the 19th century: to obtain the aromatic plenitude of a sweet wine in a dry wine! "


A month ago we had the opportunity to acquire 15 bottles of Haut Brion Blanc 1955; to this day I find no others in the world. These bottles, which were rare at the beginning, are probably miraculous of the time that passes ...

After much research, I have not managed to find any comment about this wine that eventually seems to me to be a jealously guarded secret.

In other words, the rarity of this wine and the atypical promise of the Larrieu were quick to stir my curiosity, I had to know!

On the occasion of a family dinner, we opened a bottle of Haut Brion Blanc 1955 to finally lift the veil on this mystery that hovered. And the surprise was total. Before even opening the bottle, the amber color wanted us to believe a wine gourmand. At the opening, the nose certainly makes one think of a Sauternes. Notes of dried fruit, apricot.


On the palate the wine is dense, thick. On the attack the wine is slightly smoked with a beautiful freshness. The surprise is when you do not find the sweet you could imagine and yet the wine knows how to make yourself greedy. Then the mouth fills the palate with elegance on notes of dried fruit. The finish is very long, on the grain. This wine is definitely fine, subtle and silky.

This experience will probably remain unique but I take preciously this memory ...

Haut Brion Blanc 1955

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