1954 MARQUES DE MURRIETA Ygay Reserva 1954
marques de murrieta ygay reserva 1954

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1954 MARQUES DE MURRIETA Ygay Reserva 1954

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98 / 100

Vinos Classicos : (8-2013) From ruby red medium to bright, very stable, clean, bright. For no one would guess that this is a wine about to turn 60. Amber and copper, bright. Orange reflections, light, spacious, with a marked difference from the meniscus edge. There is everything here and it is eager to show off. Murrieta in a "state of grace". Subtle, fine, elegant, perfumed, sober, balance and roundness bordering on perfection. Has this profile of extreme complexity over the years acquiring the best vintages of the winery. A glass fireplace exhaling cigar cellar aromas, aromatic coffee, litter, múrgulas, Virginia snuff pipe, orange marmalade, candied cherries, cocoa butter ... Powerful and ethereal at the same time, fragrant, scented ... of great quality. Overflowing with complex wood notes that give very old solera nuances. A hint of black fruit and balsamic (mint, ivy , sage ), spices, and a background of exotic woods, bitter cocoa and very fine toasted notes. Fine, complex, an impressive breadth . The palate is agile, fresh with a vibrant acidity and tannins indefinable, silky, soft texture. It leaves us speechless by its fineness, energy and deep character that "amurrietado" that makes it distinguishable from any other wine . When drinking a complex entremado, basting patiently for years in bottle with a fine reduction and elegant roundness savoring hard to believe. Monumental!! A magestic Rioja !

Vintage Wine 1954
Region Rioja
Appellation Rioja
Colour Red
Volume 0.75 l
Country Spain
Château Marques De Murrieta
Country Spain

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