1975 LOUBENS 1975


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85-89 / 100


1975 LOUBENS 1975

Condition Good

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5 / 5
Michael Broadbent
Michael Broadbent

Information on the vintage 1975 white Bordeaux:An exceptional vintage in Sauternes, one of the best wines of the decade.

Vintage 1975
Rating 85-89
Region Bordeaux
Appellation Sainte Croix du Mont
Colour Sweet white wine
Volume 0.75 l
Price Less than 100 €
Château Loubens
Country France
Château informations
Castle Loubens is a flagship of the appellation Sainte Croix du Mont. Its owner Arnaud de Seze knows vintage at best, increasing livestock crossings and make a three-year bowl to extract all the aromas of wine .... Castle Loubens a real nectar highly attractive!.

62,00 € tax incl.

51,67 € VAT Excl

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