1939 LAUBADE Bas Armagnac 1939
laubade 1939

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1939 LAUBADE Bas Armagnac 1939

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Vintage Wine 1939
Region South West
Appellation Armagnac
Colour Spirit
Volume 0.70 l
Country France
Château Château de Laubade
Country France
Château informations

Château de Laubade

For three generations the family has Lesgourgues Castle Laubade reference undeniable Armagnac. 105 hectares of vineyards in the best soils of the Bas-Armagnac and tawny sands boulbenes. Laubade has its own still that ensures greater autonomy to distill all the wines on site, the best time and each variety. . 're older Armagnac, distilled before 1930 are stored in the Ladies Jeanne in a room called the Paradise fortuitously.

1 025,00 € tax incl.

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