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Expert's opinions

100 / 100
Robert PARKER - The Wine Advocate
Tasted 4 Times With Consistent Notes There are many 1947s that were bottled in Belgium. I have had the 1947 Lafleur Belgian bottling, which ranges from very good to occasionally outstanding. As good as it is, the chateau bottling, from which this tasting note emanates, can leave you speechless. This is an extraordinarily profound wine that surpasses Petrus and Cheval Blanc in this vintage, even though they can all be perfect wines. The 1947 Lafleur is more developed and forward than the 1949 and 1945. It reveals a thick, port-like color with slight amber at the edge. The nose offers a smorgasbord of aromas, ranging from caramel, to jammy black-raspberries and cherries, honeyed nuts, chocolate, and truffles. The wine's unctuosity and viscosity are unequaled in any other dry wine I have tasted. There is neither volatile acidity nor residual sugar present, something that many of the greatest 1947s possess. This wine's richness and freshness are unbelievable. The finish, which lasts more than a minute, coats the mouth with layers of concentrated fruit. There have been many great Lafleurs, but the 1947 is the quintessential expression of this tiny yet marvelous vineyard that was ignored by wine critics for most of this century.
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100 / 100
Wine Spectator January - 2000
Wine Spectator
An amazing drinking experience, this Lafleur shadowboxes with your senses, hitting one pleasure spot after another. Clean and racy, yet very ripe, rich and with the full body of syrup, tasting of raspberry and chocolate yogurt. This is exotic,with beautifully silky tannins, and mocha and spice notes on the finish.
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100 / 100
Franck Dubourdieu September - 2007
Franck Dubourdieu
Region Bordeaux
Appellation Pomerol
Colour Red
Volume 0.75 l
Country France
Château Lafleur
Château Lafleur
Chateau Lafleur: This small vineyard of 4.5 hectares, located on the Pomerol appellation, the wine of Château Lafleur is certainly one of the rarest wines and the most sought. Made from merlot and cabernet franc (50% and 50%), the wines of Chateau Lafleur are of a quality out-of-common. All these elements and limited production (averaging 12,000 bottles, one of the smallest with Le Pin Pomerol) explain the high price of Château Lafleur.