1979 KRUG Brut Vintage 1979
krug brut vintage 1979

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1979 KRUG Brut Vintage 1979

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Michael Broadbent
Michael Broadbent
Two fairly close notes, one in 1990: distinctive colour and rich, meaty bouquet and flavour. A class act. More recently: a superb magnum, full body, lovely smoky flabour, excellent length.
Vintage Wine 1979
Region Champagne
Appellation Champagne
Colour Champagne
Volume 0.75 l
Country France
Château Krug
Country France
Château informations


 Krug Champagne house are based in Reims for more than 160 years. The Krug house was founded in 1843 by Johann-Joseph Krug, a native of Mainz (under the yoke of French - see: History of Mainz). It now belongs to the luxury group LVMH. It is headed by Remi Krug, representing the fifth generation, and the cellar master Eric Lebel.

Among the main techniques used, we find the wood in wine in small barrels made from 205-liter oak forest of Argonne. With an average age of 35 years the barrels are patched by coopers home and reused from one year to another. According to the cellar master: "The longevity of our champagnes is intimately linked to the residence they do in drums. ». Krug champagnes are sold at maturity in 2005 was the year of 1990 delivered. For some champagne, the house and lot of old vintages kept even longer as the year of 1981 has been disgorged and released in 2006 to less than 2,000 copies in the name Krug Collection.

1 320,00 € tax incl.

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