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(4-1998) its 10th year opening up fragrantly. in 1982, ambrosial beetroot, rich but still tannic. In 1991 at a Bacchus Society dinner in oston , a wonderful wine with extra dimensions, fruit, flesh, lengh and tannin. Most recently at Manfred Wagner' svertical, still with good colour, gloriously fragrant, sustained Pinot bouquet, sweet, superb balance. Plenty of life left.
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98 / 100
Acker Merrall & Condit: (2012) The 1971 [La Tache] .... rarely does anything less than astound. This jero was no exception; it ultimately ended up being the wine of the night for most everyone. It had a fantastic nose, dusty at first and tight out of jero. Aromas of meat, oil, brown sugar, bouillon and a splash of citrus all reminded me of familiar ground. It was so young, full of acidity, a fantastic wine with stone walls around its border, just like any good Monopole should have. Autumnal and b ouillon flavors blended with red fruits, kisses of citrus and light band aid. Big Boy is never one to be underwhelmed by his own bottles, but in this case, as often, he was correct in saying, ‘as flawless as ’71 La Tache gets.’ Tom Terrific said it was ‘the best bottle of wine he ever had,’ and that was high praise coming from Tom. Let’s just say it wasn’t his first wine dinner J. There was no doubt who was going to run this town tonight.
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(8-1995) PRODUCTION: 1,479 cases. Very sweet, extremely alcoholic, yet also somewhat fuzzy and lacking precision, the 1971 La Tache is still an outstanding wine because of its voluptuous texture, and thick, juicy, succulent flavors. The color is nearly brown, but the nose remains intense and provocative.
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Classification Burgundy - Grand Cru
Region Burgundy
Appellation La Tache
Colour Red
Volume 0.75 l
Country France
Bio Yes
Biodynamie Yes
Domaine Romanée Conti
Domaine Romanée Conti

Acquired by the Prince de Conti in 1760, the 1.85 ha vineyard produces little more than 6,000 bottles of mythical and exceptional wine per yearl. After the French Revolution, the area was declared a national asset, Romanée Conti counted many owners, including family-Duvault Blochet, who acquired several other parcels, including La Tâche, Richebourg and Echézeaux. Today, every bottle of Romanée Conti is signed by both Aubert de Villaine and Henry-Frederic Roch. Romanee Conti was the last vineyard in Burgundy to resist phylloxera, but during the second world war, the lack of carbon disulphide led to its destruction in 1945. For five years, from 1946 to 1951, no vintage was produced. The conditions of vinification and aging (maximum maturity of the fruit, very high selectivity, maximum precautions at every stage, breeding new wood) can produce an exceptional wine. Thus, magnificent complex aromas evoking rose, violet, spices, truffles and leather are in this sumptuous wine. All Domain Romanee Conti is implemented to produce only wines to keep. Biodynamics has taken over the last ten years a different share under the new leadership of Henry Frédéric-Roch, one of two co-managers of Domaine Romanee Conti with Aubert de Villaine. The owner of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti, one of the most famous vineyards in the world, has been elected Decanter Man of The Year 2010 by the eponymous magazine. Aubert de Villaine is the largest producer of wines from Burgundy to receive this award since its inception. Modest, it seems that he also refused at first to be rewarded, before changing his mind to finally accept. Co-owner of the domain family of Romanée-Conti with the Leroy family, Aubert de Villaine long hesitated before walking in the footsteps of his father. After studying law and literature, he flew to New York and began his career as an importerof wines from Burgundy. Fascinated by wine, he also devoted himself to journalism and has interviewed, among others, Robert Mondavi 1966. During this period his father called him  to his side. He started as an apprentice to the field. Since then, he has consistently put his dedication, passion and service requirement of Romanée-Conti, which continues to produce the greatest red wines in the world. .