What is the best cheese and wine pairing?

by Mélissa Dameron

The cheese goes much better with white wine than red wine


What is the best cheese and wine pairing?


The white wine brings natural freshness and minerality which will go perfectly with the smoothness of the cheese. Unlike the tannins of red wine which, combined with lactose, accentuates the sensation of bitterness and the power of the wine crushes the aromatic finesse of the cheese. However, which white wine to associate with a cheese?


Sauternes and cheese, the gourmet pairing :

The major pairing between white wine and cheese is the sweet white wines. What is the best cheese and wine pairing? Château d’Yquem or a Château Coutet with a young Roquefort, a bleu d’Auvergne, or a fourme d’Ambert to add sweetness and bring out the roundness of the wine.


Jura white wines and fromage, the best pairing :

What is the best cheese and wine pairing? The aromatic power of the Jura white wines like the wines of Henri Maire, Jean Bourdy or Domaine Macle is the best way to enjoy a wine tasting with cheese. We suggest to pair a jura white wine with a old Comté, a Beaufort, a Abondance or also a Mont d’Or, to reveal a perfect match.


A cheese with a white wines of Loire :

Which white wine of Loire match with a cheese ? Instead, You must be match a mild soft cheese such as a Morbier, a Crottin de Chavignol or a Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine. For a wine tasting a Saumur de Clos Rougeard – Brézé with a goat cheese with a bloomy crust or ashy crust like the Selles-sur-Cher. For an original match, a mellow Vouvray like Domaine Huet Le Mont Moelleux with a Epoisses. 


What is the best cheese and wine pairing?


Can you pair Champagne with cheese?

To enjoy with cheese and Champagne, dare the pairing with the freshness of a Champagne with a cheese like a Brie de Meaux or a Melun with Philiponnat 2007 Cuvée 1522. A camembert or a coulommiers with a Deutz Blancs de Blancs 2004. For a perfect pairing it is better to remove the crust. You can also opt for a very old mimolette with a Bollinger Grande Année 1985.




A cheese with a Burgundy white wine to reveal a perfect match :

What is the best cheese and white pairing? The Chardonnay or l’Aligoté of Burgundy match with ripened goat cheese with a fine crust and a fruity aromas. The acidity of Chablis from Domaine Fèvre Les Clos 2008 will match witth the acidity of goat’s milk from a Dôme de Vézelay and make a fusional pairing.The freshness of a white wines from Bouchard Père Et Fils will soften the fat and creamy character of a Cabécou du Périgord, or a Chaource.


What is the best cheese and white wine of the Rhône Valley pairing?

Nothing better than a dray goat cheese such as a Rigotte de Condrieu to accompany a white of the same appellation from Vernay Georges Coteau de Vernon or Domaine Guigal. We suggest also a Hermitage from Chapoutier to taste with a Brillat Saravin truffé. 


The best cheese with a white wines from Alsace is …

The freshness and the acidity of a Riesling will be a perfect match with a sheep’s cheese. We suggest the Schoenenbourg from Deiss Marcel with a Ossau-Irtay.

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