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Dom Pérignon : The best vintages

For several decades, Champagnes from the famous Dom Pérignon house have not stopped collecting the best marks from wine experts. It is one of the most renowned Champagne houses with growing notoriety.

Maison Dom Pérignon

The story of a legendary Champagne

Pierre Pérignon (a monk from the Benedictine Abbey of Hautvillers) took office as attorney to the Benedictine Abbey of Hautvillers in 1668, he moved the mission to create the "world's best wine". Such ambition revealed in this young monk thirty years ago, a visionary and extraordinary audacity. Exact contemporary of King Louis XIV, Dom Perignon revolutionized the history of wine as Louis XIV, revolutionized the art of living. Their meeting would take place through the wine's reputation for excellence in the "wine of the father Perignon" won Versailles and allowed him to be served at the king's table.

In 1670, Dom Perignon, was the first to develop new innovations in his wines. First, he's going to try his hand at blending several grape must. Many years later, he was one of the first to use the cork stopper with hemp twine, which allows the wine to retain its froth and freshness. He even goes so far as to rethink the thickness of the bottles, so that they avoid exploding under the force of the effervescence of the champagne. However, it was not until 1921 that the first bottle of Dom Pérignon 1921 was released (marketed in 1935). The 1921 vintage is considered a year of excellence for champagnes, even the best vintage of all time with 1928. This is how, for 350 years, Dom Pérignon has perpetuated the winegrowing traditions that are its own with this unique and incomparable know-how. Still considered a prestigious Champagne house and producing top-notch wines, Dom Pérignon cultivates this image of luxury Champagnes and never ceases to reinvent itself.

Over three centuries later, Dom Perignon House pursues the vision and work of one who is considered the spiritual father of champagne.


The best vintages

Each vintage is a creation, each vintage reinvented an exception that is solely Cellar Master to declare, or not. According to Richard Geoffreoy, Cellar Manager Dom Perignon, the grapes are never the same from one year to another. If a crop does not meet the criteria of Dom Perignon, there will be no vintage this year. It is not a value-judgment, but an aesthetic vision. The absolute uniqueness of Dom Perignon was born of this commitment. This Champagne is the true point of tension and balance between style, timeless, and distinctive qualities of a year. The mouth feel is unique combination of lightness, flexibility and rich air, the first impression to the last flavor.

The best vintages in Champagnes are numerous: 1945, 1947, 1949, 1955, 1964, 1975, 1985, 1990, 1996, 2002 ...

Concerning the Dom Pérignon house, many of these vintages obtained a score higher than 95/100 by the experts. Let's discover two great vintages of Dom Pérignon:


Dom Pérignon 1996



Dom Pérignon 1996

Robert Parker 96/100 – wine tasting november 2011


 « The nose gives intense toasty, biscuity notes with an underlying fruit character of warm strawberries, golden delicious apple slices, oyster shells and chalk dust. Very crisp, fine, youthful and fresh in the mouth, the finish provides layers of minerals, citrus fruits and a pleasant creaminess in texture and flavour. »



Discover the Dom Pérignon 1996



Dom Pérignon 1969



Dom Pérignon 1969

Robert Parker 98-99/100 – wine tasting november 2003


 « Simply the best champagne I have tasted. Served from a magnum, it has a lovely amber / lemony hue with still some mousse. The nose is amazing sweet tangerine, honey with brilliant definition. I could smell that all day. The palate is always perfectly balanced with an offbeat refinement. A slightly honeyed mid-palate with a touch of apricot and whipped cream at the end. To fall… »


Discover the Dom Pérignon 1969