Coming from a quality vineyard, transported by ship to the countries of Northern Europe, the wines of Poitou, La Rochelle and Angouleme are, from the thirteenth century, the happiness of Englishmen, Dutchmen and Scandinavian. From the seventeenth century, they were transformed into eau de vie, which will be enhanced in oak barrels to become Cognac. Thus begins the adventure of a city that will become the capital of a world class business.  . . The long process of maturation of Cognac, which sometimes lasts for decades, is made through the porosity of the wood that allows indirect contact between the water spirits and the ambient air. . Thus, substances extracted from oak wood by changing the physical appearance Cognac Cognac giving it a color ranging from golden yellow to fiery brown. . The transfer characteristics of natural causes oak, over time, the formation of "rancio" and develops the bouquet of the Cognac.