1972 Vintage wine

1972 Vintage wine

An average vintage for Burgundy but surprising in Rhône

In Bordeaux, the 1972 vintage was disappointing. Red wines lack fruit and charm. Bad weather has made the majority of wines green and acidic, which nevertheless allows them to keep over time. However, there are quite successful wines in the Graves and Margaux appellations. The Château Haut Bages Libéral 1972 and the Château Pavie 1972 are interesting.

In Burgundy, the most concentrated wines are of good quality. The domains of Beaune and Nuit Saint Georges offer great wines. In the Rhône Valley, we are talking about a very good vintage. The red wines of the Côte Rôtie and Cornas appellations are extremely rich. Hermitage wines are excellent and Châteauneuf-du-Pape offers complex and fruity wines.

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What is the price of a wine of the year 1972?

The price of a 1972 wine will depend on several factors such as the producer, the region, the quality and the state of conservation of the bottle. As with all wines, prices can vary greatly depending on these factors.

In general, 1972 wines are not considered exceptional in France, but there are exceptions. Prices can therefore vary considerably depending on the rarity and quality of the wine.

The average price of a 1972 wine can vary from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros. Wines from Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy are often more expensive than wines from other regions, due to their fame and aging potential.

However, it is important to note that the price does not always guarantee the quality of the wine. So it‘s important to do your research and make sure you‘re buying a quality bottle of wine from a reputable producer that‘s properly stored.

Was 1972 a good year for wine?

The 1972 vintage is not considered a very good year for wine in France. That year, the weather conditions were not optimal for the growth and ripening of the grapes, which resulted in rather light and not very concentrated wines. In addition, there were rot problems in some areas, which affected the quality of the grapes.

Of course, there are always exceptions and wine producers who managed to produce quality wines, but in general, 1972 is not considered a great year for wine in France.

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