1948 Vintage wine

1948 vintage wines. Discover our selection of 1948 Grand Cru Classé wines, 1948 old wines.

1948 Bordeaux wine or 1948 Burgundy wine? Red wine or Sauternes? You are looking for a 1948 fine wine? To offer or to drink, buying a bottle of vintage wine is an important moment. Find our selection of 1948 vintage wines and 1948 fine wines for sale. You will find tasting notes from the experts (Robert Parker, Michael Broadbent, JM Quarin ...). Our team is available for any inquiries. Each bottle of 1948 wine is carefully packaged in special packaging for wine. Buy and receive the next day with express delivery.

The year 1948 is not a great year, but we find very good wines.

In Bordeaux the climatic conditions were not very simple, but the result is that the fine wines of the great terroirs have been magnificent. In Sauternes, the sweet wines were rather successful, of a style different from that of 1947. In Burgundy, only the end of the summer is quite hot and dry. Stuck between two pearls, 1948 struggles to assert itself. The quality of the wines is good but can be irregular.