Vintage Wines 1928

The debate between 1928 and 1929 is still relevant. These are two beautiful vintages and it is very difficult to determine which is the best. In 1928, the harvest in Bordeaux is good and the maturity of the grapes is perfect. The wines, deep, rich in alcohol and tannins, are are with very good aging capacity. The best wines will require at least 50 years to soften. They are still beautiful today. A special mention for the Châteaux MargauxPalmerLatourHaut BrionYquemPetrusVieux Château CertanCalon SégurCos d’EstournelBeychevelleLéoville Las Cases and Gruaud Larose. The vintage 1928 in Burgundy is very good with fine and strong wines and a firm structure. Although the year was tricky with unexpected hailstorms, it's a very good year. The Rhône Valley also offers great wines and is a taste of the incredible 1929 vintage.

In 2018, the 1928 vintage is 90 years old. Offering a 1928 French Grand Cru, a 1928 French Premier Cru or a 1928 wine as a 90-year birthday gift, a 90-year wedding gift or professional gift is an excellent gift idea. Please find our selection of Grand Cru wines to buy, to celebrate 90 years or just to enjoy.

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