1917 Vintage wine

1917 Vintage wine

Our opinion on the 1917 vintage: a vintage of mixed quality

In Bordeaux, the 1917 wines are of fairly good quality, with remarkable concentration in their youth and a pronounced tannic presence. However, they can lack charm and sophistication, and can be perceived as a little harsh. Bordeaux wines from 1917 have a great capacity for ageing and can still surprise after more than a century.

Sauternes sweet white wines from the 1917 vintage are mellow, sappy and of great quality. Burgundy, on the other hand, produced no great wines in 1917.

In the Rhone Valley, 1917 was a good vintage, and very good wines were produced, similar to those of 1911 and 1914.

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Our advices for buying 1917 wines

The wines of 1917 are not memorable, and it‘s not for their taste that you‘ll choose a bottle of 1917. However, it‘s nice to find a bottle of 1917 wine on the table to honor a guest or celebrate a special event. If you‘re looking for a quality wine from the 1917 vintage, then we suggest you turn to spirits or even 1917 ports.

Each bottle of wine is carefully packaged in a specialized case. Buy and receive next-day, 24-hour delivery. Our team is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Give a 1917 wine, an excellent gift idea

A 1917 wine is the perfect gift for a birthday.

Looking for a great 1917 wine? Would you like to give a 1917 wine as a gift, or simply enjoy a 1917 wine? Explore our unique cellar and find your bottle of wine. The gift of a great anniversary wine is an original and memorable gift. For the celebration of an event or your company‘s anniversary... So many occasions to offer a vintage wine to mark the occasion.

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