1914 Vintage wine

1914 Vintage wine

Our opinion on the 1914 vintage : a vintage struck by the First World War

The 1914 vintage was a mixed one for Bordeaux. Because of the war, many wines stayed in their barrels for a long time. Some of them have therefore aged. That year, the flowering of the vines was late, but a warm August allowed a good maturation of the grapes, with good weather for the harvest. The result was a good quality vintage for Bordeaux wines, some of which are considered excellent and still good today.

In Sauternes, 1914 was also a good vintage. Indeed, the sweet white wines are excellent.

It is true that the Burgundy wines of 1914 are very difficult to find today, because of the low grape harvest that year. The harvest was late and the winemaking process was delicate, which resulted in a limited production of wines.

In the Rhone Valley, 1914 is a great and excellent vintage.

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Finally, we speak of an exceptional vintage for the Champagnes. The harvest was early, just after the victory of the Marne, for fear of an offensive return of the Germans. As the grapes were not fully ripe, the wines produced could indeed be very acidic. However, this high acidity has allowed these wines to keep well until today, and some of them can still be enjoyed.


Our advice for buying a 1914 wine

In Bordeaux, look for the Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1914, the Chateau Haut Brion 1914 and the Chateau Pavie 1914.

Rich and smooth among the best wines of this vintage, we recommend Château d‘Yquem 1914, Château Lafaurie Peyraguey 1914 and Château Climens 1914.

In Champagne, the Moet et Chandon Grand Vintage 1914 is exceptional.

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Give a wine from 1914, an excellent gift idea

A 1914 wine is the perfect gift for a birthday.

Are you looking for a great 1914 wine? You want to offer a 1914 wine or simply taste a 1914 wine? Explore our unique cellar and find your bottle of wine. Offering a great anniversary wine is an original and noticed gift. For the celebration of an event or the anniversary of your company... So many occasions to offer a vintage wine to mark the event.

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