1913 Vintage wine

1913 Vintage wine

Our opinion on the 1913 vintage : a complicated but excellent vintage in Champagne

Just like the previous vintage, the wines of 1913 are rather classic. However, the taste quality of the 1913 wines is slightly better than the 1912 vintage. The 1913 wines are now highly sought after by collectors as they are considered rare.

The Bordeaux region experienced a series of misfortunes in 1913, with the arrival of insects and disease, coupled with a cool summer. The result was an abundant but poor-quality harvest. The few bottles that have reached us are dry, with a sour taste.

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In Burgundy, the year 1913 was characterized by constant humidity and lack of seasonality, which affected the quality of the harvest. In addition, the region was also affected by mildew, a fungal disease that greatly reduced the quantity of grapes harvested.

The Champagnes of 1913 were of excellent quality, making it a good year for the vineyard. However, yields were low, which had an impact on the quantity of wine produced.

In the Rhone Valley, the 1912 and 1913 vintages are both considered poor for the quality of the wines produced. However, these two difficult years are not an isolated case, as many wine-producing regions in France suffered from very unfavorable climatic conditions for the vine and the production of wines for aging.


Our advice for buying a 1913 wine

The wines of 1913 are not memorable and it is not for its gustative qualities that one will choose a bottle of 1913. However, it is nice to have a bottle of 1913 wine on the table to honor a guest or celebrate a special event. If you are looking for a quality 1913 wine, then we suggest that you look at 1913 Champagnes, spirits or even 1913 ports.

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Give a 1913 wine, an excellent gift idea

A 1913 wine is the perfect gift for a birthday.

Are you looking for a great 1913 wine? Would you like to give a 1913 wine as a gift or simply enjoy a 1913 wine? Explore our unique cellar and find your bottle of wine. Offering a great anniversary wine is an original and noticed gift. For the celebration of an event or the anniversary of your company... So many occasions to offer a vintage wine to mark the event.

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