1903 Vintage wine

Our opinion about 1903 Bordeaux wines

A difficult start to the century in Bordeaux with 1903, which is in line with the two previous vintages. The harvests were abundant but of poor quality, the fault of a cold and sunless year. It is now very difficult to find Bordeaux from 1903 because merchants quickly sought to sell their wines, which were of no interest over time. For the Sauternes of 1903 the observation is quite similar. The quality is not there and Sauternes from 1903 are very rare.

And the quality of 1903 wines in the rest of France?

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In Burgundy, the 1903 vintage did not help when the region was already in crisis. The 1903 Burgundy wine is flat, boned and the few testimonials that can be found are not very flattering. The 1903vintage  Champagne is not a great success either, although it is better than the 2 previous vintages. The big Champagne houses do not risk releasing a vintage champagne that year. Whether in the Rhône Valley, in Alsace or elsewhere, you will have understood that the wines of 1903 in France will not remain in the annals.


Our advice for buying a 1903 wine

The wines of 1903 are not memorable and it is not for its taste qualities that one will choose a bottle of 1903. It is however nice to find a bottle of wine from 1903 on the table in order to honor a guest or celebrate a particular event. If you are looking for a quality wine from the 1903 vintage, then we advise you to turn to spirits or even 1903 ports.


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