1988 CRU CHAMPON 1988


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85-89 / 100


1988 CRU CHAMPON 1988

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4 / 5
Michael Broadbent
Michael Broadbent
Information on the vintage 1988 white Bordeaux:
The first of an unprecedented trio of highly successful Sauternes vintages. My original assessment of this vintage was 5 stars, outstanding, but while unquestionably good I think it doesn't quite stand up to the two following vintages, particularly the 1990.
Robert PARKER - The Wine Advocate
Robert PARKER - The Wine Advocate
Information on the 1988 vintage Sauternes:This is, for the sweet Sauternes and Barsac, one of the greatest years of this century. For the Sauternes and Barsac sweet wines, this is one of the best years of the century.
Vintage 1988
Rating 85-89
Region Bordeaux
Appellation Loupiac
Colour Sweet white wine
Volume 0.75 l
Price Less than 100 €
Château Cru Champon
Country France
Château informations
Cru Champon
Loupiac Champon Cru Bordeaux white wines.

49,00 € tax incl.

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