Wines of appellation Crozes Hermitage

Appellation Crozes Hermitage

Crozes-Hermitage, the appellation of northern Rhône

Crozes-Hermitage is a French appellation (AOC) which produces wines in the northern Rhône region. The appellation covers more than 11 municipalities on the left bank of the Rhône. Between the river and the granite hillsides, Crozes Hermitage has 1,650 hectares of vines. The producers of Crozes Hermitage wines produce red wines made from Syrah and white wines with the Marsanne and Roussanne grape varieties. Red wines are often authentic, with an aromatic palette marked by red fruits and a strong presence of tannins.

On the other hand, the white wines of Crozes Hermitage have the Roussanne as a grape variety which brings finesse and which makes the wines delicate and fresh, and the floral aromas as well as the gluttony are brought by the Marsanne. The great estates that produce Crozes Hermitage wines are: Guigal, Domaine Chapoutier, Delas FrèresPaul Jaboulet Aîné ...

The best vintages of the appellation are the wines of 1978, 1983, great wines of 1987, the 1989 and 1991 vintage. The wines of the 1995, 1996, 1998 and 1999 vintages are of very good quality. Finally, the wines of 1945, 1947, great wines 1961, 1985 vintage, 1988 and 2005 are exceptional vintages in Crozes-Hermitage.

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