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Information on the vintageRed Burgundy : 55 At last, a top class vintage, one that I have always thought of as the end of an era.
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Region Burgundy
Colour Red
Volume 0.75 l
Country France
Château Domaine Pierre Bourée et Fils
Domaine Pierre Bourée et Fils
Reds: The grapes are hand made and then transported to our winery in Chambolle-Musigny, in boxes to avoid crushing the grapes during the course. The grapes are then carefully checked on a sorting table before being placed in a wooden vat whole berries. . After several days of soaking, fermentation takes place under the action of yeast. . It can last from 15-20 days depending on the year... During this period, the tanks are regularly "get it up to man to bring temperatures well extract color. . . When fermentation is completed, the wine is "pull" and stalks, skins and seeds are pressed "on" pneumatic press. . The new wine is "sung" in oak casks in cellar. . . Whites: The grapes are intact "loaded" directly on press, and pressed immediately to avoid oxidation of wort. It is stored in tanks for one day or two to let drop solid particles ("lees"). . This must is then put into oak barrels, the fermentation is maintained by the "stirring", which is to introduce a "Dodine (rod of wood or metal) in barrels for the wine and stir well to activate the yeast. . When fermentation is complete, the drums are carefully filled and then installed in the cellar. .